The Use of Technology for Urgent Clinician to Clinician Communications: A systematic review of the literature

Technology is evolving rapidly and plays a prominent role in the healthcare system. Over the past 20 years, clinicians have faced an increasing communication burden, due in part to the proliferation of devices such as pagers, smart phones, and tablets.[1–3] Until the last several years, one-way numeric paging has been the main route of communication among...

Usability and Feasibility of a Tablet-Based cision-upport and ntegrated cord-Keeping (DESIRE) Tool in the Nurse Management of Hypertension in Rural Western Kenya

What Was Already Known on the Topic (Source: International Journal of Medical Informatics)

Undirected health IT implementation in ambulatory care favors paper-based workarounds and limits health data exchange

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Information and communication technologies for adherence to antiretroviral treatment in adults with hiv/aids

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