Membership Categories

The Philippine Medical Informatics Society offers several categories of individual and organizational membership to help you personalize your involvement and interaction with the society and its members. The following are the different categories for membership:


Honorary Fellow Membership

Membership in the society as a Fellow may be granted to any doctor (MD, DMD or PhD) who meets all of the following requirements:

  • A member of the society for at least two (2) years
  • Letter of good moral standing from the President of the Society
  • A doctorate certificate (for PhD) or a Professional Regulations Commission certificate (for MD and DMD)
  • Certificate of Training in Health /Medical / Biomedical Informatics from a training institute recognized by the Philippine Medical Informatics Society

Note: This membership category is done by nomination by a member of the society and submitted to a member of the board of trustees or any officer of the society (Individuals with Post-Doctorate Fellowships from the US National Institute of Health and/or Past Presidents of the PMIS are automatically qualified and only needs to be nominated). Application forms and requirements will be submitted for approval. Nominees not meeting these requirements may apply for Regular or Corporate membership
Annual Fellowship Rate: Php 1,500; Lifetime Fellowship Rate: Php 7,500


Regular Membership

Regular membership is open to individuals interested in biomedical and health informatics. Regular members include physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians, researchers and educators, scientists and developers, government officials and policy makers, consultants, industry representatives and standards developers.

Note: Application forms will be submitted for approval (also available online). Applicants not meeting requirements may apply for Corporate membership
Annual Membership Rate: Php 1,000; Lifetime Membership Rate: Php 5,000

Student Membership

Student membership is open to students who are pursuing a degree in biomedical and health informatics and other programs related to health or health IT. Student benefits and membership rates apply to full-time and part-time undergraduate students, graduate students, and residents.
All Student Members must provide proof in the form of a letter, a valid School ID, or a  Student Registration Certificate from the academic-institution that they are enrolled in to validate current status.

Note: Application forms will be submitted for approval (also available online).
Annual Membership Rate: Php 100


Corporate Membership

PMIS creates a sustainable synergistic relationship that benefits corporate members and industry partners. PMIS corporate members are executives and decision-makers representing the broad health informatics sector including biotechnology, consulting firms, consumer groups, device manufacturers, finance organizations, insurers, managed care, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory and government organizations, research organizations, and think tanks. PMIS’s corporate members contribute to our intellectual resources to help sustain and recognize continuous innovation and advances in health informatics training, education, research, and practice. PMIS tailors the level of corporate member benefits to best suit your needs. Interested applicants may contact us for details.